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Adrian ȘandruLawyer specialized in international judicial cooperation

Adrian ȘandruLawyer specialized in crimes related to fraud with European or national funds

Adrian ȘandruActive member in various associations of criminal lawyers in Europe and the UK



Adrian Șandru
+40 756 101 540

Adrian Șandru is a Criminal Defense Lawyer at the Bucharest Bar, founder of Șandru Avocati, and a Ph.D. candidate in Criminal Procedure Law at the Institute of Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy.

Adrian is renowned for his extensive experience and exceptional expertise in complex criminal procedures, as well as for his remarkable results in areas such as international judicial cooperation, crimes related to frauds with European or national funds, procedures of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the management of complex cases in the economic criminal sphere. Additionally, Adrian specializes in whistleblowing legislation and provides support to companies in implementing compliance and prevention systems in criminal law, as well as in managing sensitive internal investigations within the company.

Adrian Șandru co-authored the first reference work on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Romania, a highly regarded book also published in English. He has contributed numerous specialized articles in the legal field, actively participating in conferences and professional training programs, both in Romania and at the European level. He has been designated as an expert representing Romania for various international bodies such as the Council of Europe and Eurojust.

In 2019, Adrian Șandru received the Rising Star in White Collar Crime Matters award from the Romanian Journal of Business Criminal Law. In 2020 and 2021, he received the “Dreptul” Journal Award for scientific journalism in the field of law, marking the first time in Romania that someone has received this distinction in two consecutive years.

Adrian Șandru is an active member of various associations of criminal lawyers in Europe and the UK, collaborating with them on numerous projects. This experience has allowed him to accumulate a unique know-how, which he effectively applies in representing his clients, whether individuals or legal entities, in complex criminal cases at both national and European levels.

In addition to his publishing activities in Romania and abroad, Adrian is also a member of the editorial board of the “Dreptul” Law Review, one of the most respected legal publications in Romania. In this role, he coordinates the publication of articles in the fields of criminal law and criminal procedure.

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